Custom IT Solutions

Real business problems require real business solutions, which can automate manual tasks and provide an opportunity for growth and maturity your business in other fields.

Custom software solutions are specifically tailored for individual business and business needs, and they are becoming an ever popular choice for businesses which are looking to scale their enterprise.

Our team of IT professionals is helping our clients to uncover their strengths and use them in the best way to improve their workflows and evolve with their business. We’re working with our clients on identifying the problems and challenges they meet, so we can find a unique and customizes solution in terms of technology, design and innovation, which will also match the resources on our client disposal.

Because of the opportunity to dictate and be specific about the way how the software will be used before it is even developed, our clients are able to get the most out of the customized solutions we provide for them.

TetaSolutions will take care of your business software while you can focus on your business.

How we work

Free consultation

We will discuss every questions or insecurity our clients may have in order to deliver the best product which suits their needs.

Concept creation

We create together. We listen to your ideas and oblique them in an innovative and attractive design.


We work that our clients always have an insight into the product we are creating for them so they can always see progress.

Quality Assurance

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the satisfaction of our clients and the advancement they’ve made with us.