Website development

According to a recent survey, from SmartCompany, nearly half of all small businesses do not have a website, but having a website means having a presentation for whole world to see it and even more, having a great website, therefore having a great presentation, means reaching a new market you usually wouldn’t.

You have a business to run, and our team in TetaSolutions have an expertise to help your business to grow.

Designing with us is an exciting, enjoyable and rewarding process from start to finish, and we’re always striving with our clients to outdo and outperform our previous achievements.

Our aim is to offer our customers full range of web-related services, from consultations, over the modern web-design, web development, web-hosting, all the way through SEO and online marketing as well as security services and updates.

Whether you have a business without a website or you currently have one but it’s not working the way you hoped it would, we can meet your needs. We can develop a brand new one or redesign an existing one. Our team is using a type of content management system (CMS) that provides our clients to manage and update the website easily without need of any special web-design or web development knowledge.

TetaSolutions provides a professional websites, designed and built with care, which will increase visitors and boost your business.

How we work

Free consultation

We will discuss every questions or insecurity our clients may have in order to deliver the best product which suits their needs.

Concept creation

We create together. We listen to your ideas and oblique them in an innovative and attractive design.


We work that our clients always have an insight into the product we are creating for them so they can always see progress.

Quality Assurance

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the satisfaction of our clients and the advancement they’ve made with us.